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Publications: Text

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Craig, R.T., Patzer, S., Murphy, J., Timm, K., & Maibach, E.W. (2021). Race/ethnicity and climate change reporting: Perceptions and interests of news personnel’s interest to cover climate change based on race/ethnicity. Environmental Communication. doi:

Akerlof, K.L., Bromser-Kloeden, T., Timm, K., Rowan, K.E., Olds, J.E., Clarke, C., et al. Categorizing Professionals’ Goals for Environmental Communication and Identifying Implications for Graduate Education. Environmental Communication. doi:

Timm, K., Perkins, D.R., Myers, T.A., & Maibach, E.W. (2020). Reporting on climate change by broadcast meteorologists: A national assessment. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. doi:

Timm, K., Maibach, E.W., Boykoff, M., Myers, T.A., & Broeckelman-Post, M.A. (2020). The prevalence and rationale for presenting differing viewpoints about climate change: Findings from a United States national survey of TV weathercasters. Weather, Climate, and Society,12(1), 103-115. doi: 10.1175/ WCAS-D-19-0063.1

Euskirchen, E.S., Timm, K., Breen, A.L., Gray, S., Rupp, T.S., Martin, P., Reynolds, J., Sesser, A., Murphy, K., Littell, J.S., Bennett, A., Bolton, W.R., Carman, T., Genet, H., Griffith, B., Kurkowski, T., Lara, M.J., Marchenko, S., Nicolsky, D., Panda, S., Romanovsky, V., Rutter, R., Tucker, C.L., & McGuire, A.D. (2020). Co-Production of knowledge: Developing the Integrated Ecosystem Model to inform resource management decisions in Arctic Alaska. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. doi: 10.1002/fee.2176

Perkins, D.R., Timm, K., Myers, T.A. & Maibach, E.W. (2020). Broadcast Meteorologists’ views on climate change: A state-of-the-community review. Weather, Climate, and Society, 12, 249–262. doi:

Engblom, A., Timm, K., Mazzone, R., Perkins, D.R., Myers, T., & Maibach, E.W. (2019). Local TV news viewer reactions to weathercasters reporting the local impacts of climate change. Weather, Climate, and Society, 321-335. doi: 10.1175/WCAS-D-18-0066.1

Timm, K., Pope, A., Smieszek, M., Fugmann, G., & Zaika, Y. (2017). Arctic science: From knowledge to action? The Polar Journal, 7(2), 428–429. 

O’Neel, S., Hood, E., Bidlack, A.L., Fleming, A.S., Arimitsu, M.L., Arendt, A., Burgess, E., Sergeant, C.J., Beaudreau, A.H., Timm, K., Hayward, G.D., Reynolds, J.H., & Pyare, S. (2015). Icefield-to-ocean linkages across the northern Pacific coastal temperate rainforest ecosystem. Bioscience, 65(5), 1-14. doi: 10.1093/biosci/biv027 

Publications: Text

Book Chapters

Akerlof, K. L., Timm, K., Ebbin, S. A., Gambill, J. M., Grifman, P. M., Miller, T., & Moser, S. (2021). Asking questions for adaptation: Using public and stakeholder surveys as a tool within coastal climate change policy processes. In J. Yusef & B. St. John, III (Eds.), Communicating about climate change: Making environmental messaging accessible. London: Taylor & Francis.

Trainor, S.F., Timm, K., Buxbaum, T., York, A., & Perrin, A. (2019). Communication as a driver of landscape change. In A.L. Sesser, A.P. Rockhill, D.R. Magness, D. Reid, J. DeLapp, P. Burton, E. Schroff, V. Barber, & C. Markon (Eds.), Drivers of Landscape Change in the Northwest Boreal Region of North America—Implications on Policy and Land Management. Fairbanks: University of Alaska Press.

Fresco, N. & Timm, K. (2015). Fostering resilience in the face of an uncertain future: Using scenarios planning to communicate climate change risks and collaboratively develop adaptation strategies. In J.D. Drake, Y.Y. Kontar, J.C. Eichelberger, T.S. Rupp, & K.M. Taylor (Eds.), Communicating climate change and natural hazard risk and cultivating resilience: Case studies for a multidisciplinary approach. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

Baeseman, J., Huffman, L., Timm, K., & Warburton, J. (2010). Tips and tricks for science presentations. In B. Kaiser, B. Allen, & S. Zicus (Eds.), Polar science and global climate: An international resource for education and outreach (129-141). Essex: Pearson Education Limited. 

Publications: Text

Selected Reports & White Papers

Maibach, E.W., Craig, R. T., Yagatich, W.A., Timm, K., Patzer, S.M., & Murphy, J. (2018). Climate matters in the newsroom: Radio Television Digital News Association Member Survey, 2018. George Mason University, Fairfax, VA: Center for Climate Change Communication.

Maibach, E., Perkins, D.R., Timm, K., Myers, T., Woods Placky, B., et al. (2017). A 2017 national survey of broadcast meteorologists: Initial findings. George Mason University, Fairfax, VA: Center for Climate Change Communication. 

Timm, K., Littell, J.S., Gray, S.T., & Rupp, T.S. (2016). Post-conference report: Climate, conservation, and community in Alaska and Northwest Canada. Fairbanks, AK: Alaska Climate Science Center. 

Timm, K., Hum, R., & Drukenmiller, M. (2016). Using communication theory and strategy to develop researcher-stakeholder relationships. White paper submitted to the 2016 Arctic Observing Summit, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. 

Gray, S.T., et al. (2014). Using integrated ecosystem modeling to understand climate change. Alaska Park Science, 12(2), 13-17.

Provencher, J., Baeseman, J., Carlson, D., Badhe, R., Bellman, J., Hik, D., Huffman, L., Legg, J., Pauls, M., Pit, M., Shan, S., Timm, K., Ulstein, K., & Zicus, S. (2011). Polar research education, outreach and communication during the fourth IPY: How the 2007–2008 International Polar Year has contributed to the future of education, outreach and communication. Paris: International Council for Science (ICSU).

Garay, D., Warburton, J., & Timm, K. (2010). Breaking ice, building knowledge: The benefits of ship-based teacher research experiences. The Earth Scientist, 26(1), 43-48.

Publications: Text
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