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Whether it is a classroom with four walls, no walls, or virtual walls, I enter the teaching space as a collaborator and partner to my students. Regardless of their age or experience, I believe that each student brings valuable lived experiences and important aspirations to the classroom setting. My goal is to clearly present meaningful examples, concepts, and theories so that students can identify pathways to solve the problems they care about most. My assignments provide creative and nurturing spaces for students to test their ideas and sharpen their skills. I strive to create a warm and welcoming learning environment filled with enthusiasm, curiosity, and energetic discussion.

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Courses Taught

Here are some of the post-secondary level courses that I am currently developing or that I have taught.

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Communicating Science

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Offered Spring 2022

This highly interactive course allows students to gain hands-on experience designing and practicing science communication for public audiences. Over the course of the semester, students will design three science communication efforts and present their own science to peers. Students will also explore relevant communication theories and current topics.

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Our Changing Climate: Past, Present, Future

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Offered Spring 2022

Together with my co-instructor, Dr. Katie Spellman, we are teaching the introductory course for UAF's Climate Scholars Program. This course examines how the biophysical impacts of climate change define and intersect with social, ecological, economic, political, and cultural dimensions. Through activities, guest speakers, readings, and lectures, it provides a foundation in both Indigenous and Western science perspectives on the changing climate. It will also include an emphasis on our own agency to shape the future in a time of unprecedented change.

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Climate Change and Health Online Certificate

Yale School of Public Health

The Climate Change and Health Certificate introduces medical and public health professionals to climate change, adaptation planning, and climate change communication. From 2018-2020, I was the teaching assistant and discussion leader for the 6-week segment on climate change communication. From 2019-2020 I was also the teaching assistant and discussion leader for the introduction to climate change. During my time with the program, I led discussion for four cohorts of approximately 300 students.


Climate Change Communication & Advocacy

June 2021

The Tidelines and Climate Scholars Program summer intensive on Climate Change Communication & Advocacy was an immersive 1-week program where students learned about climate change, levers of social change, and how to communicate to make change.

Outdoor Study Group

Communication 101: Interpersonal and Small Group Communication

George Mason University

From August-December 2017 I was a graduate lecturer and instructor of record for one section of Communication 101: Interpersonal and Small Group Communication. As a core course for undergraduate students, each week I prepared lectures and discussions to explain a variety of communication principles and theories and planned in-class activities to demonstrate their practical applications.


Science Communication Instructor

Juneau Icefield Research Program

The Juneau Icefield Research Program is a 12-week wilderness field school on the Juneau Icefield focused on geology and glaciology. In collaboration with the curriculum committee, in 2012 I established the first science communication program, taught classes, and mentored students (undergraduate and graduate) in communication projects and public presentations. I returned to the program as a science communication faculty again in 2014 and 2015.

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I thought Kristin was an excellent discussion leader. She created a welcoming and positive environment for learning, and I appreciated how she responded with affirmation to people who shared ideas and thoughts and often added in additional context. I was also impressed that with so many students at once, she could remember details about things we'd said or our projects!

Yale Climate Change & Health Certificate Student


As a first-generation college student, I have benefited greatly from the mentors and advisors who offered advice, nudged me towards opportunities, and helped me build my professional network. As such, I am very happy to "pay it forward" and meet with students considering careers or pursuing education in science communication and related work. Please contact me to discuss advising or mentoring.

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